Avoid using global git identity

When I clone a new project, I put the proper email address (e.g., a company email) as an author email in the local config stored in the repository. It worked fine until I started working for a client whose project is spread across many repositories that I cloned when needed.

I can’t count how many times I forgot to put the correct email into the local config of the newly cloned repository before committing anything into it – just because I was in a rush. In effect, my personal email (which occupies my global configuration) has been leaking many times into commits, sentenced to last forever in the git history. I’ve probably done it more times than I even realize.

To avoid making these mistakes, don’t use a global git configuration for identity.

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Why it’s worth taking notes in plaintext

For most people, keeping notes and other stuff in text files is ridiculous – tons of services and apps could do it better. But what the better means?

Despite the availability and diversity of note-taking solutions on the market, I haven’t found any that would meet my expectations. I tried to stick to the one app but I had felt the internal resistance to settling in one specific, often a vendor-locked solution.

The breakthrough was when I ask myself – why I even want to note this information? I had started to look for my “why” and it turned out, that I don’t need a fancy app or service to storing notes but a directory called “notes”.

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