Hello, as you’ve certainly noticed, my name is Szymon Krajewski. I’m a happy guy who wants to live consciously, takes joy from every moment of life, and wants to make the world a little better place for everyone. I like to know how things work, so I literally curious about everything. I take lessons from everyone I meet, and I draw conclusions from everything I do.

By conducting this blog, I give myself a chance to share what I learned, so maybe you’ll also take something valuable from me. You can also know what I’m doing right now.


I’m a reasonably calm guy. Together with my family, I enjoy the charms of everyday life. I’m fascinated by stoic philosophy, and I learn how to think this way. And I think a lot.

I don’t like social media, although I have accounts on the most popular platforms. I rarely share something, but I try to publish some thoughts on Twitter from time to time. I promise you nothing, so If you decide to follow me, you should expect nothing.

I limit the information that hits me by avoiding reading the news. I don’t like TV besides a few shows, but I like books – scientific, psychological, and technical. Pretty boring, isn’t it?

I make plans, and I try to be organized – with varying degrees of success. But it helps me doing what I’m doing and, eventually, I learn how to be productive by doing the right things – it’s not easy in my case.

I like to meet and talk to people. I usually listen way more than I talk, and, when I listen, I listen carefully.

I trained Krav Maga in the past, also I had a small adventure with CrossFit, but due to the COVID-19, I switched to the individual activities, especially running.


I’m a graduated Software Engineer. I worked as a fullstack developer, but right now, it’s no longer valid because both backend and frontend development grew up drastically in the last decade. I decided to lean towards backend development, where I can focus on business models. I also specialize in the design and build scalable and high-available APIs.

Despite my backend-oriented direction, I support teams in different fields, including frontend, UX, and DevOps.

I use JavaScript as my primary language (formerly PHP) in my day-to-day work. However, I know more languages on different levels: Python, Java, and, Bash. I prefer to use the right tools for a specific problem.

I learn a lot from books, blogs, magazines, and talk to other people. I like to share experience and knowledge, especially the practical one. My current interests focus on Domain-Driven Design, but I also explore things related to automation, high availability, and data security – especially cryptography.

This blog

I have plenty of thoughts, and I wanted to have a place to write them down. This blog is like collecting my personal experiences and ideas that I wish I told the younger me. I don’t want to be the next breaking-news issuer. Sometimes I want to write about well-known things but in my own words. By writing, I organize and give the shape of my thoughts.

Of course, I can be wrong – and this is another opportunity to learn, so if you would like to discuss something, just let me know.

The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more. — Charlie Munger