Welcome to my “now” page. You can learn more about what I’m doing right now.

A picture of the field

What you see here is a field, but it will be a new home for my family in the near future. That’s my current focus and reason why I don’t publish new articles so often. Actually, this is the biggest project I’m currently working on.


  • I work at FINGO Software House, due to COVID-19, I work mostly remotely.
  • I switch from the PHP to the NodeJS, with the FINGO support.


  • I live in Wrocław, Poland.
  • I try hard to organize my days,
  • I learn to focus on right things,
    • by drastically reducing everything I want to do…
    • but leaving things that are beneficial in the long-term.
  • Write this blog more or less regularly.

I make myself almost unreachable for everyone, excluding people close to me.