How to decrypt PDF files on macOS

Some companies send encrypted PDF documents. If you’re a macOS user, Preview will ask you for the password each time you use quick look or open the document. Moreover, if you print that document, you’ll end up with a blank sheet of paper. At least I got it. So secure.

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Missing article image on Twitter due to GetMatch in Hugo template

Recently I received notification that somebody post information about my article on Twitter (thanks!). Twitter usually renders a link to blog posts as nice-looking cards. The card to my article shown up without a featured image.

I checked my Twitter feed, and some of my other entries also suffer from missing featured images.

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Line break in Markdown

There are a few different methods to enforce a line break in the same paragraph in Markdown syntax: HTML’s <br />, backslash and double space. Let’s consider each case.

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Restore files from encrypted iPhone backup

I do not use iCloud backup for my iPhone. Instead, I do local encrypted backup, more or less regularly. I wanted to browse and find something from one of these backup.

Did you know, that there is no native way on macOS to browse and restore something from your encrypted iPhone backup? I didn’t.

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