This blog is my third approach to regular writing. It’s almost three years old now, so it’s a good indicator, that this attempt was the successful one. Over time, I published more than 40 articles, which is many and few at the same time, especially when I’ll consider my approach to writing.

The start wasn’t easy since I hadn’t picked any niche or the main topic. I collected some ideas for articles I could write about. I narrowed the scope to the programming field, but as time went by, I realized that there are plenty of other exciting topics, which, unfortunately, don’t fit into my blog.

Now, I’d like to set up new rules for myself to liberate my writings and thoughts, making this blog my unique place on the Internet, once again.

Writing is still not easy for me because of two kinds of factors:

  • My ability to write comprehensively on the chosen topic
  • Rules I put on myself

While the first point concerns more the practising of writing, the second one is something that could support you or limit you.

At the beginning of my journey as a writer, I decided to write about web technologies, because it’s something related to my work and hobby. I had a clear vision of how my articles should look like – both when it comes to the content and appearance. Each of my writing should tell the story, so I tried to embed them in the proper context. Moreover, they should have the right structure, an eye-catching topic, encouraging introduction, featured photo attuned to the content of the article and, of course, summary.

It works well for most of the time, but the whole writing process was tiring and time-consuming. Sometimes I wanted to write a few sentences to share something exciting, but this kind of content hasn’t suited into my blog in the way I previously assumed.

Now, when I have even less time to write, I need to rethink my approach to blogging. I want to treat writing as a form of relaxation and the way of sorting thoughts. To rediscover the fun behind it, I want to loosen my rules and start to treat this blog more like a place for me, rather than the site about a specific topic. It should be the space, where I can put things I’m interested in, and you or anyone else who can reach this site, e.g. by a search engine can take advantage of the content I publish.

Out of 43 articles I published till now, a few of them gained some popularity. Surprisingly, they aren’t that articles I’m most proud of, but the ones that respond to the problem I struggled with or these which presenting one, sometimes obvious idea and my understanding of it.

So from now, instead of enforcing myself to write, I’ll more use the momentum of things I’m interested in or these which resonate with me the most. It doesn’t mean that the quality of my texts will drop. On the contrary, adding more authenticity to my writings will help me develop and release my own unique voice. Eventually, it allows me to be just me. I’m not always right, but I’m excited about the things I do.

Featured photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash.