Test your plans by reducing time

I couldn’t find any better phrase that describes the approach I’ve learned in the last year. It’s a simple piece of advice: Test your plans by reducing time.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the amount of our free time is stable and we’ll also be able to spend the same number of hours on things in the future.

Sooner or later, you’ll need to put most of your effort and attention in a specific direction. Eventually, you’ll push every insignificant activity in the background, and you may struggle to find even minutes to deal with the rest of your stuff. Starting of studies, new relationship, new job, starting a family – they are only examples of events that can change your priority. If you want to stick to your routines, you need to change the approach to performing tasks.

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Draw.io real-time collaboration using Visual Studio Code and Live Share

You’ve probably heard about draw.io which is one of the best free, open-source diagramming software. The tool is powerful. It supports many storage backends and could be integrated into other apps. But the one crucial feature is still missing – it has lack of collaborative editing.

Remote collaboration is something we need these days. Last time, Visual Studio Code announced extension called Live Share, allowing developers to share their workspace with other people. In consequences, it opens a bunch of new possibilities!

Thanks to the VSCode, LiveShare and draw.io integration, you can bring the power of collaboration into draw.io.

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Don’t read later. Read it now.

I would like to confess a small lie that I told myself each time when I found something interesting on the Internet, but I didn’t have enough time to read it. It was Read later.

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